COVID-19 Testing

Night Owl Urgent Care Policy

We offer a 15 min COVID test at our location. The out of pocket cost is $200 for onsite results.

Patients must book ahead for COVID testing by calling (813)994-0044 to maintain a safe testing environment.

Our test is Immunofluorescent Assay with very high sensitivity and specificity:

Reference Extracted RT-PCR assay 95% CI POS NEG Total PPA 96.7% 83.3% 99.4% Sofia SARS Antigen FIA Assay POS 29 0 29 NPA 100.0% 97.9% 100.0% NEG 1 179 180 PPV 100.0% 88.3% 100.0% Total 30 179 209 NPV 99.4% 96.9% 99.9% Prevalence 14.4% 10.2% 19.8% % agreement 99.5%

*What Safety Measures and Office Protocols Do You Have In Place?*

Your safety and ours is our constant goal. Therefore, the following restrictions apply to all in-office visits:

  • You must put on your mask prior to entering the building. If you do not have a mask, one will be provided for you. It must be worn at all times while in the building.
  • If you are not a patient, you will not be permitted to wait in the lobby or go back to the patient examination rooms. If you are with a patient, you must wait in your vehicle. Exceptions apply to minor children and those who are disabled or compromised in any way that makes having a companion necessary.
  • Unrelated patients who are waiting in the lobby to be seen may not sit next to each other. In the event that we exceed the number of waiting patients who can safely socially distance in the lobby, we will ask you to wait in your vehicle until you can be seen by a provider.

Also, for your protection, our office is sanitized regularly.

  • After each patient visit, the examination rooms are sanitized.
  • Each hour, we conduct a thorough cleaning of our lobby and reception area.
  • Every evening, after closing, the entire facility, including both private and public areas, are fully sanitized.
  • Finally, our office is professionally cleaned and sanitized twice per week.
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Please contact us by calling (813)994-0044

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